New features, bug fixes, improvements

Private Explorations


Saved explorations are visible to anyone with a link to the exploration. This makes sharing explorations with others much easier. However, sometimes this might not be desirable. Now, you could set an exploration to be Private when you do Save As.

URL Summaries and Takeaways (Beta)


You can now enter a link (instead of a topic) to get the summary or the main takeaways of the content included in the link. A credit amount currently limits the usage, and the feature is only available to subscribed users. The plan is to have the credits renewed each month and allow for the purchase of extra credits (not yet implemented)

Search on Wikipedia


You can now search and link to Wikipedia articles to extract text snippets into the exploration.

Books, News and References Links are now in Research


Moved the Books, News and References operations under the Research modal alongside with the newly introduced Wikipedia operation.

Fix Exploration Embed Links


Fixed a bug where the exploration link inside the embedded explorations was not opening in a new tab.

GPT-4 Model (Beta)


The GPT-3.5 model is great but can sometimes fall short. GPT-4 is now available as a beta for professional plan users when you need better answers from the AI. Note that GPT-4 works slower than GPT-3.5.

Remove the Line Labels


Removed the line labels since the same info now is presented on the node cards as well.

Select with Children


You can now use the context menu to select all the children of a node. This should be useful when you want to organize your exploration.

Increased the saved exploration limit to 24.


Increased the saved exploration limit from 12 to 24. This number will continue to increase in the future.

Added Parent and Sub-Concepts


Moved the Concept-related buttons under one modal and added buttons for exploring the Parent and Sub-Concepts of an input.