Questions and Answers

How does Heuristica work?

Heuristica is based on ChatGPT. It allows the user to interact with ChatGPT by simply pressing buttons instead of writing lengthy prompts. Heuristica takes care of obtaining information from the AI so that you can focus on exploring and learning new things.

What are the advantages of using Heuristica?

A chat-based interface can only support a linear flow of information. Heuristica leverages a node-based user interface (UI) for supporting non-linear and visual learning. This way, you can explore a subject in many different ways and learn unexpected things. Heuristica helps you interact with ChatGPT by simply clicking buttons, saving you time. It doesn't require any prompting knowledge.

What are the benefits of a Professional Subscription?

With a professional subscription, you can take advantage of many valuable features like setting the detail/expertise level of the answers, editing capabilities, writing custom prompts, using the content explorer with long-format text, taking advantage of premium prompts like generating social media posts, etc. See some of our newly added features at

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

You can cancel your subscription at any time. It is not a long-term commitment. You would only get charged for the current month (or the year if it is an annual subscription). Click the Subscription button at the bottom of the page for subscription management (visible to subscribed users).

I purchased a Professional Subscription, but the features are still locked

Sometimes, you would notice that the features are still locked even if you purchased a subscription. The most common reason for this problem is that the email address used for purchase differs from the email address registered on the website. You can fix this issue by updating your primary email address on the site by clicking your user avatar and selecting Manage Account.

How do I select multiple nodes?

On Mac, You can hold the command button when clicking on nodes to select multiple nodes. You can do the same on Windows using the Windows key. You can alternatively hold shift and drag your mouse on the canvas to make a multi-selection.

Can I request a new feature?

Of course! I am working hard to make the best tool for learning and research. Feel free to email me at with your suggestions and feature requests.