New features, bug fixes, improvements

GTP-4o-mini is now available!


The latest model from OpenAI, GPT-4o-mini, is now available for subscribed users!

Heuristica Pages Updates


The Heuristica pages have been updated to be even more useful. You can show/hide sections and regenerate their content. Additionally, there is now a Question and Answer section. Here is a video walkthrough that showcases these features.

Prompt Shortcuts


Did you know that Heuristica contains over 80 prompts that you can use? Having an abundance of prompts to choose from is good; however, using the sidebar to find the prompt you are interested in can be a bit difficult. Now, you can use CTRL+K or CMD+K shortcuts to quickly find the prompt you are looking for. Including your custom prompts.

Edit Custom Prompts


Previously, custom prompts weren’t editable. This meant you were stuck with the buttons you had created previously. You can now edit and delete the custom buttons you have created for full control.

Heuristica Pages


You can now publish a Wiki-like page for your concept map. This page contains a summary, key takeaways, and concepts from your exploration, and it is ideal for sharing with others to provide a high-level overview of your concept map. Heuristica pages are publicly available and will soon be discoverable by other platform users.

Split Import and Export Functionality


Previously, Import and Export were performed using the same modal. There are now two different modals for these operations.

Claude 3.5 Sonnet


The latest state-of-the-art model, Claude 3.5 Sonnet, is now available on Heuristica!

Anki-like Flashcard Reviews / Spaced Repetition


You can now review flashcards in an Anki-like fashion using spaced-interval repetition techniques. This is currently implemented inside flashcard decks but will soon work across all your flashcards.

Export Flashcards


You can now also export flashcards from inside the flashcard decks in your library to be able to import them inside apps like Anki

Import/Export Functionality


You could previously export image files using Heuristica. Now you could export the map as a markdown. Additionally, you could import Markdown data exported from other mindmap tools.