New features, bug fixes, improvements

Change Language


You can now get AI responses in a language of your choice.

Translate text


Use the Translate button to translate text into different languages.

Export the Exploration as an Image


You can now export the current exploration as an image using the Export button on the Sidebar. Note that currently, you have to manually adjust the settings to have all the nodes visible.

Get a List of Good Questions


Use the Questions button to get a list of good questions to ask to the given input

Poem is now part of Writing panel


Moved the Poem prompt helper to be part of the Writing panel instead of the Knowledge panel.

User-Defined Prompt Categories


You can now define categories for custom prompts to organize them better.

Annual Pricing


Heuristica now offers discounted annual subscription pricing.

User-Defined Prompts


You can now define your own prompt buttons on the Heuristica interface. This will allow you to personalize your knowledge exploration experience on Heuristica and streamline your workflows better.

Streaming Results


Heuristica now supports streaming results. You will be able to see the results of your queries as soon as they are available compared to waiting for them to be completed, resulting in less waiting time and faster feedback. This means a slight change to the existing workflow, though. Previously, you could simply press a button and get the answer in your exploration. Now, you must press an additional button to add the completed stream result.

Blog Posts and Summaries


You can now easily create blog posts and summaries from selected nodes using the Overview menu. The results are streamed so that you don’t have to wait for the longer text to load. As a result of this change, removed the summarize button on the sidebar since this can now be done better from the Overview menu.

Implications and Significance Modals


Implications and Significance now has modals for more fine-grained control over output.

Learn About Key Figures When Using the Who Modal


The Who Modal now allows for learning more about the key figures of a given concept.

Support for Loading More in Similar and Concepts Modals


Implemented a Load More button for the Similar and Concepts Modals to load even more concepts if they are available.

Introducing Lifetime Membership! (Deprecated)


Introduced a lifetime membership option (currently in beta). With this membership, you only need to pay once to use Heuristica compared to a monthly subscription. It also requires you to use your own OpenAI API Key.

Add a Modal for Extract, Similar, and Concepts


Previously, using Extract, Similar or Concepts could be a bit overwhelming since these buttons could introduce a lot of nodes in to your exploration that are not needed. Introduced a modal for you to be able to pick and choose which nodes that you want to be added to the exploration.

Increase the Saved Exploration Limit to 12


You can now save up to 12 explorations. Previously, this limit was 6.

Fix the Sorting Order of Saved Explorations, Bookmarks, and Content


Previously, the oldest items appeared first in the list. Now, the latest items appear first at the top.

Moved the Explorations Into the Library


You can now find all your saved bookmarks, explorations, and content on the Library page.

Add a Custom Prompt Node


You can now write custom prompts in your explorations!

Update the Who Helper with More Options


The “who” button now supports more options. You can get information about a given person OR get information about the founder or inventor of a given subject.

Update Overview Filtering


Clicking “Select All” inside the Overview Modal selects all the nodes regardless of their filtering status. Updated this to select only the currently visible nodes.

Add a Blogging Functionality


You can now create blog posts from the selected models using the Overview Modal

Fix the Note Node styling


The Note Node was incorrectly styled, and the background color was not applied. This is now updated.

Add a Summarization Functionality


You can create summaries from the selected nodes inside the Overview Modal. These summaries can be saved. They can also be edited using the inline Text Editor.

Add an Overview Functionality


You can click the overview button inside an exploration to see the overview of nodes included inside the exploration. You can use this view to bookmark nodes or create summaries and content from selected nodes.

Start a Changelog


Starting a Changelog to create a log of new features, bug fixes, and improvements.