New features, bug fixes, improvements

Anki-like Flashcard Reviews / Spaced Repetition


You can now review flashcards in an Anki-like fashion using spaced-interval repetition techniques. This is currently implemented inside flashcard decks but will soon work across all your flashcards.

Export Flashcards


You can now also export flashcards from inside the flashcard decks in your library to be able to import them inside apps like Anki

Import/Export Functionality


You could previously export image files using Heuristica. Now you could export the map as a markdown. Additionally, you could import Markdown data exported from other mindmap tools.



Previously, Autosave in Heuristica wasn't supported. I didn't want to autosave your map in case you made a mistake that you didn't want to persist. However, now that Undo and Redo are implemented, it also makes sense to support Autosaving. After the map is saved manually, your work will autosave every minute.

Search with GPT


A new Search with GPT option is now available under the models. Using this model, you can perform an internet search for every prompt button click. It is a great way to ensure you have references for the information generated by Heuristica. The results are not always on par with what you could be getting from the LLM, though.



You can now undo and redo actions like deleting nodes, creating nodes, moving nodes, etc.

Switch LLM Models From the Sidebar


You can now change the LLM model from the sidebar. This should allow you to quickly compare and contrast the responses you get from different models.

Internet Search with Heuristica (Beta)


You can now get answers from the internet in Heuristica. The feature is currently available behind the custom button. Every answer from an internet search is provided with references.

Save and Save buttons in a new location


I had some users having issues with locating the Save and Save As buttons so moved them out of the right-hand side panel to the left-hand side panel. That seemed like a more sensible location for operations that affect the whole canvas.

Custom Prompts in Multi-Select Panel


The Multi-Select Panel now allows running custom prompts on multiple (or even all) nodes. You can add the operation results to the map or save it in your library.