Discover the features of Heuristica

Discover the features of Heuristica, where learning is brought to life through an engaging and interactive mind-map-like interface.

Learn and Research by Just Clicking

The Heuristica user interface contains buttons to run various prompts. This way, you never have to worry about prompt engineering. You can simply explore a subject by clicking around.

Use Custom Prompts to Dive Deeper

Prompt buttons are there to help you, but you are not limited to them. You can always use the Custom Prompt button to run custom prompts or search the web!

Get the Most Recent Developments and References

Heuristica can use web searches to get results from the internet. Use prompt buttons like References and Recent Developments to get real-time results.

Find Related References and Papers

Explore the related articles from Wikipedia, papers from arXiv and Semantic Scholar, or abstracts from PubMed to go deeper into your research subject. Generate summaries and key takeaways from articles and research papers.

YouTube, Podcasts, News and Links

You can search for any concept in podcast transcripts, YouTube videos, news articles, and links on the internet. You can then import these resources into your exploration and include them in your concept maps.

Generate Flashcards Using AI

Effortlessly create AI-generated flashcards from your concept maps to study, learn, and retain your knowledge exploration.

From Research to Content

Turn your concept maps into engaging content. Use your learnings and research to create summaries, blog posts, or essays

Learn in Any Language

Generate concept maps in various languages, making knowledge accessible and enjoyable for everyone, everywhere.

User-Defined Prompt Buttons

You can define your own prompt buttons on the Heuristica interface. This will allow you to personalize your learning and research experience on Heuristica and streamline your workflows better.

Specialized Panels for Various Domains

Heuristica has specialized panels for business, medicine, physics, and more! These panels include prompts related to that domain, enabling you to ask the right questions and dive deeper.

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