New features, bug fixes, improvements

Quick Suggestions Update


Quick Suggestions is a panel that provides information about the selected node without you having to press buttons. You can now customize what kind of quick suggestions you want to get in this panel.

Search for Links


Previously, the links function in Heuristica used the AI/LLM to generate links. However, these links were often too generic, irrelevant, or straight-up hallucinations. Now, a search engine integration allows you to bring in links from real search results.

The URL summarization service has also been updated, and I removed the old, token-based system. That system was reliable in summarizing websites but was limited with the token availability.

You can now generate summaries and key takeaways from these links without being limited by tokens. However, not every website will support this new way of summarization (e.g., if it has a paywall).

Search for Podcasts


You can now search for a concept inside podcasts. If they have a transcription available, you could also summarize and get key takeaways from these podcasts.

Fixed YouTube Video Load Issue


There was an issue with the Youtube Video loader that prevented the YouTube videos getting loaded. Patched the issue while waiting for an actual fix from the API provider.

Quick Suggestions


Quick Suggestions is a section that suggests some concepts related to the selected node. It is meant for providing some quick inspiration on what to explore next in your concept map.

UI Design Updates!


There are some UI design updates taking place so you might see things looking slightly different (and hopefully better!) in Heuristica.

Rewrite and Ask Questions to Text Highlights


You can now rewrite or ask questions to the highlighted text when working with the Text and PDF View Modals

Summarize and Key Takeaways for Text Highlights


Summary and Key Takeaways now work on highlighted text as well. You can use these buttons to either summarize (or get the key takeaways) the entire text or just the highlighted snippet.

Choose between OpenAI and Anthropic models


In the settings menu, you can now use the latest Anthropic models, Claude Haiku and Claude Sonnet.

Search YouTube


You can now search YouTube for videos and add them to the concept map. Unfortunately, the YouTube API has a limit to how many searches can be performed in a day, so this service can become unavailable when used frequently. You can always add YouTube links directly using the Add menu.