Changelog | Page 3

New features, bug fixes, improvements

Summary and Key Takeaways of Wikipedia Articles and arXiv Papers


Click the summarize or key takeaways button inside the Wikipedia text viewer or arXiv pdf viewer to create a text summary or get the key takeaways.

Start an exploration using an arXiv link


You can now start your explorations from an arXiv link

Change the Colors of the Nodes


You can now update the node colors to organize your exploration better.

Find Recommended Papers Using Semantic Scholar


You can now click Find Similar Papers on an arXiv node to find recommended papers similar to that one.

Extract Snippets from arXiv PDFs


You can now load multiple papers from arXiv and extract snippets from those PDFs of those papers into your exploration.

Collapse Nodes with Long Text


Added a “See More…” toggle for nodes that have a long text to make the exploration a bit more legible.

Added Korean language support


You can now select Korean in the language menu 🇰🇷

Search on arXiv


You can now search and link to the arXiv papers related to the selected input. This is the first iteration of arXiv integration. Additional features will continue to be added.

Pagination and Multiple Item Support for Wikipedia Search


Previously, you could only select a single Wikipedia article at a time to bring into the exploration. Updated the workflow to support multiple items. The search results also now support pagination so that you can see more than just 20 results.

Private Explorations


Saved explorations are visible to anyone with a link to the exploration. This makes sharing explorations with others much easier. However, sometimes this might not be desirable. Now, you could set an exploration to be Private when you do Save As.