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AI-powered concept maps for learning, research and creativity.

Heuristica is a simpler and better way to visually learn, research and create using AI-powered concept maps. Sign up for free to use it.

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Limitless Exploration, Powered by ChatGPT

Explore all aspects of a subject using artifical intelligence, powered by ChatGPT

AI-Powered Concept Maps

Use a mind-map like interface for visualization and exploration

No Prompting. Just Click

Dig deeper into a subject by simply clicking buttons. No need for prompting knowledge

Learn Simpler. Learn Better

Superpower your learning with helpers like ELI5 (Explain like I am 5), summarize, eloborate, analogize

Knowledge Exploration Powered by AI

Chat interfaces are boring and limiting. They won't let you explore freely. With Heuristica, the sky's the limit when exploring and learning new things through your research.

Heuristica lets you use AI-powered concept maps to visualize all aspects of a subject and discover how different concepts are related and connected.

Different Ways of Learning

Everyone learns differently. Use helpers to understand a subject with analogies, interesting examples, or even if you are a five-year-old. All the while using an interface that promotes visual, hands-on learning.

Turn Research Into Content

You can easily create content from your explorations. Use our content helpers to create writings, blog articles, or even social media posts with a click of a button.

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